The Powergriptrimmer. is a new tool to draw and allow the run of lines with strength and control. The clamp is suitable for lines of various thickness and quality.
Place the clamp with the closed side in your hand, open the clamp slightly on the palm side and turn / slide the clamp onto the line ensuring that the line is in the clamp and between the index finger and the middle finger. See fig. 1.
Then pull the ridge clip onto the line with thumb and index finger. See fig. 2.
When trimming / braking the line take your thumb and index finger off the line and engage the brake with your thumb to control the run of the line. You can then slide the clamp “with the brake” back onto the line in order to pull.
Please see the instructional video on our website;
Braking surfaces
The braking surface can be changed to accommodate a variety of lines e.g. bare dyneema 4-6 mm, one for 6 to 10 mm lines and one for 12 to 16 mm lines.
To change the braking surface, you can manually remove the brake pad by manipulating with your fingers or you can press a hex key M4 into the hole at the back of the handle, pushing the brake pad out of the seat and removing the brake block .
You can then insert the desired braking surface see fig. 3

Traction surfaces
If necessary, you can replace the tooth surface of the clamping cam by unscrewing the cam cover with an Allen key and sliding the tooth surface out. See fig.4. If the new tooth surface is pushed in, you can tighten the cover again with the screw until the cam is close to the rotating plane and the desired resistance of
the rotation of the cam is reached.

Warning !
The Powergriptrimmer. is a tool for handling a line. Do not use for steel wire.
Always be aware of the danger of rolling lines!
The Powergriptrimmer. must lie with the closed side in the palm of the hand, with the open side facing outwards, as in fig. 2 .. If there is imminent danger, the clip must be pulled straight off the line.
Do not use the Powergriptrimmer. to climb in any form. When using a line around the wrist, we warn you not to take it too long, or to stretch it. Use a break-out ring to prevent injury.
Working load 50-80 kgf