This patented Powergriptrimmer is an ergonomically sophisticated tool for handling lines. A very solid and handy product of Dutch manufacture.
Made of special lightweight super strong plastic approx. 80 grams.Why the Powergriptrimmer?
Over the years, the use of high-quality fiber lines such as
shots, traps, rolfoklines become thinner and stronger and have no stretch.
These high-quality 6mm lines have a breaking strength of approx. 1500 kgf, but can hardly be handled manually.
That is a shame because you miss the great benefits of strength and weight.
The Powergriptrimmer. Solves that problem and is developed so that we can easily lash each line with strength, The Powergriptrimmer can be used both left- and right-handed with maximum grip and it is no problem to have the line with the brake cam checked.

Powergriptrimmer How does it work ?
The clamp is placed with the closed side in the hand, the clamp is slightly opened, see fig 1, then the clamp is shove onto the line, so that the line is in the clamp, between the index finger and the middle finger. See fig. 1.

fig.1      fig.2
Then you pull the ridge clip on the line with thumb and forefinger. See fig. 2.
when you run the line, unplug the line with thumb and forefinger and brakes by pressing the button so that the line runs through the clamp at the desired speed.Benefits:
• You can develop more pulling power on the line.
• With more pulling power you can pack faster on the line.
• No Squeezed hands and fingers.
• Less chance of damaging tendons.
• easy, with wet lines.
• You can use thinner, stronger, lighter lines. (weight saving)
• And do not forget: If it goes wrong, we can pull the clamp straight from the line.Whether we are regatta or recreational sailing, especially the last part of the Sheets, fall, Rolsail, or trim with the spinaker/Genaker, the Powergriptrimmer makes it easier!.

• The Powergriptrimmer , you can sit in your pocket or leave it in the cockpit of the boat. To have the clamp quickly at hand, we can also apply a fragile line or break ring with tube through the hole in the handle.
• stop the Powergriptrimmer. With you and leave the loop hanging from your pocket ready for use.
• Or you can order a handyman, a bracelet with a box to get him quickly at hand. (also see the video on Powergriptrimmer.com
• Playing with the ridge for celebrating and clamping when trimming is just a trick and getting used to, but once you’re used to the Powergriptrimmer you do not want anything else!
• If the line needs to be released in an emergency, you can immediately pull the clip straight from the line.
• here are three different brake pads, depending on the quality of the lines. These can easily be changed.

• The brake pad for lines of 6 to 10 mm is fitted as standard, depending on the
(compressibility) quality of the lines.
• The 4 to 6 mm brake pad is also specially developed for high-quality lines, e.g. bald dyneema, spectra and kevlar. There is then the largest weight saving because there is no mantle you can trim well with 4 or 6 mm and mafioli 6-10mm this brake pad has a special run-on surface to limit the creep of these lines as much as possible.
• By using lines such as Dyneema 6mm which can handle 1600 kg, there is a possibility to make your boat lighter. and mafioli lines provide significant weight savings.

• The ease with which these lines can be attracted. See the figure.

A brake pad has also been developed for thicker lines of 12 to 16 mm.
Especially applicable to larger ships. How simple is it to just put a few Powergriptrimmers on board!
All necessary information, instructions, instructional videos can be found on Powergriptrimmer.com

The total set: powergrip with brake pads is € 49.95 incl. 21% VAT

The brake and clamp blocks are made of special high-quality plastic. In case of intensive use, brake pads and / or clamping surfaces can wear. No problem these can easily be replaced.
A set of “Spareparts” costs € 10, -.incl. 21% VAT
The Powergriptrimmer. Is for sale through our webshop.
And delivered via Powergriptrimmer.com

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